Single Butterflies

These are some of the words to describe one of nature's most beautiful creatures. From the metallic blue, Morpho Menelaus, to the brilliant blue and black Papilio Ulysses, we carry many species colors and shapes to match your taste and decor.

Picture of Appias inara

Appias inara

Price: $45.00

Sale Price: $35.00

Picture of Lamproptera meges

Lamproptera meges

Price: $45.00

Sale Price: $39.00

Picture of Ascalaphidae sp. damselfly

Ascalaphidae sp. damselfly

Price: $45.00

Sale Price: $40.00

Top Seller Picture of Morpho sulkowsky butterflyi

Morpho sulkowsky butterflyi

Price: $80.00

Sale Price: $75.00