Top Seller Picture of Native Rocks - Foundations of the Earth

Native Rocks - Foundations of the Earth

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Rocks are the materials of which the earth is built. They consist of mixtures of mineral grains, each type varying according to the mineral content and manner of origin. Rocks are classified into 3 groups, Igneous, Sedimentary and Metamorphic.

There are 21 specimens featured in this kit, including, Basalt, Pumice, Gypsum, Sandstone, Flint, Gneiss, Slate, Pink Granite, Dunite, Shale, Ironstone, Slitstone, Serpentine, Marble, Gray Granite, Obsidian, Conglomerate, Limestone, Coal, Quartzite and Mica-Schist.

Plastic box measures - 7" x 3.5"